New 7 Years Bad Luck album ‘Bridges’ Out Nov 1st

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

7 Years Bad Luck BridgesWe’re very happy to announce the new album ‘Bridges’ from Austria’s best melodic punk rock band 7 Years Bad Luck is out on November 1st! This is another great album from the band, which should get fans of bands like The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio and The Loved Ones very excited! We’re releasing the album alongside Monster Zero Records of the Netherlands!

If you dont know the band, you can download their last album ‘Sleep Now, Pay Later’ for Free/donation over at the Disconnect Disconnect Bandcamp page.

Here’s the albums tracklisting:
1) We’re not getting any
2) All I know
3) Time is a thief
4) Beggars and kings
5) Bridges
6) Falling apart
7) I’m not gonna sleep tonight
8) Waiting
9) Live today
10) The one for me
11) I don’t like cats
12) 100 different places
13) Birthdays
14) Far away
15) Out of focus
16) I still know