Winning Streak “We Need A Plan” Out Now!

Monday, November 9th, 2020

We Need A Plan“, the fantastic second full length from Winning Streak is out now! So you’re not only taking my word for the quality of this album, check out this small selection of the great reviews the release has been getting:

“If you are into technical yet highly melodic skatepunk that takes you right back to the heydays of the EpiFat sound but still comes off as fresh, then this album is for you” 8/10 Punk Rock Theory

“Winning Streak are back with another brilliant record that stands out in the vast sea of modern skate punk recordings.” Thoughts Words Action

“…Winning Streak empower their soaring, heartfelt yet jagged and abrasive technical Skate Punk with newfound vigour.” Ear Nutrition

“With “We Need A Plan” Winning Streak have released a genre straddling album of accessible fast melodic hardcore that brightens your day, and as this is 2020, and most of us stuck in lockdown, this is exactly the soundtrack that we all need right now” 4/5 ThePunkSite

Now if those aren’t enough to get your attention, I’m not sure what will! Go and pick up the album now – we have an excellent DD exclusive “Sky Splatter” vinyl limited to 100 copies, with our friends at Thousand Islands Records handling the North American release.

Pick up the album from our stores below: