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Best Albums of 2016

Despite all the bad press, 2016 was a pretty great year for music, with a great mix of old favourites and newer bands releasing awesome music. I thought I’d do a quick roundup of my favourite releases of 2016 (excluding DD releases)!

So, in no particular order!

Face To FaceProtection (Fat Wreck)
This one goes first as it came out pretty early in the year, ‘Protection’ was a true return to form from one of punk rock’s best loved bands and legends of the scene, Face To Face. Fast paced, crazy basslines and that iconic voice all combine for a punk rock hit.

Useless IDState Is Burning (Fat Wreck)
I love Useless ID, from the super fast skatepunk influenced early stuff, to the super poppy elements of their Kung Fu releases and into the politically charged rager of latest album ‘State Is Burning’. With no song clocking in over the two and half minute mark until the album closer, Useless ID dont wait around to get their message across, and blast through 15 tracks in 28 minutes.

Tiny Moving PartsCelebrate (Big Scary Monsters)
Tiny Moving Parts are a band I hadn’t listened to a massive amount prior to 2016. That soon changed after a listen through to their brilliant latest album ‘Celebrate’. Celebrate brings together twiddly-emo style guitars with a post-hardcore background creating a massive sound for a three piece band. Check out ‘Happy Birthday’ and tell me you dont want to smash out the riffs on your guitar after that.

Touche AmoreStage Four (Epitaph)
Touche Amore’s follow up to 2013′s brilliant ‘Is Survived By’ is every bit as good, with a gentle dab of more melodic influences helping to create an album which has all the great, dark and atmospheric post-hardcore / screamo sounds of previous releases with a bit more of an immediate and accessible sound. I think the album is wrapped up as always by vocalist Jeremy Bolm who screams (sometimes literally) passion throughout.

BrightrYear One (Flix)
On the opposite end of the musical spectrum, I’ve found myself turning increasingly back to ‘Year One’ the brilliant debut album collection from Laurie Cottingham aka Brightr. Showcasing his brilliant acoustic guitar skills and vocals, Brightr doesn’t need to bring much more than this to create an album which sounds fresh in the often bland singer-songwriter field. One to watch.

PUPThe Dream Is Over (Side One Dummy)
No longer a secret, Canadian’s PUP followed up 2014′s self titled effort with ‘The Dream Is Over’, an album full of singalong’s and one of 2016′s best songs DVP (which also has another brilliant video)!

Direct Hit!Wasted Mind (Fat Wreck)
Whilst I’ve enjoyed most of Direct Hit’s previous material, it wasn’t until I heard ‘Wasted Mind’ that I properly stood up and took notice of the band. Wasted Mind brings together great melodic punk rock with some their typical fun lyrics for one of 2016′s most enjoyable punk rock albums.

The InterruptersSay It Out Loud (Hellcat)
Apart from the ‘classics’ I don’t listen to too much ska-punk these days – however, The Interrupters new album ‘Say It Out Loud’ is just too good to ignore. Every song is a singalong, and will have you tapping your feet to that classic Hellcat Californian ska beat in no time.

BelvedereThe Revenge Of The Fifth (Bird Attack / Lockjaw)
I was very excited to hear that Belvedere were getting back together to release a new album in 2016. It was no surprise when it came out that we had one of the fastest, riff-filled slices of skatepunk released in 2016. Welcome back Belvedere.

DescendentsHypercaffium Spazzinate (Epitaph)
Descendents need no introduction. These legends of the punk rock scene were another band making a 2016 comeback, and although Hypercaffium Spazzinate didnt quite reach the heights of Everything Sucks, it was great to have Descendents back with some new tunes!

AntillectualEngage! (Redfield)
One of Europe’s hardest working punk rock bands, the prolific Antillectual gave 2016 what I believe is their best album to date. Fast and thought provoking punk rock / skatepunk from the Netherlands favourite punk rock sons.

Get DeadHonesty Lives Elsewhere (Fat Wreck)
Before ‘Honesty Lives Elsewhere’ I found Get Dead a bit hit or miss, but everything has just seemed to fall into place on their latest full length, with a perfect blend of raw punk rock, country and folk influences creating 12 songs of fist in the air anthems.

Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&WolvesThe Cross and the Switchblade (1513)
Filling the gap left by Hot Water Music is North Carolina’s Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves. On their second album, Wolves retained the gritty punk rock sound from their great debut ‘Subtle Serpents’ released in 2014.

FoxtrotHabitats (Jackknife)
If you dont know these Aussies – change that now. Foxtrot play brilliant singalong melodic punk rock, with a lazy comparison putting them alongside compatriots The Smith Street Band. With great songwriting and structures throughout, ‘Habitats’ is a great record front to back and well worth adding to any punk rock fans collection.

PulleyNo Change In The Weather (Cyber Tracks)
The final album on my list is another comeback album, this time from Punk-O-Rama legends Pulley! This was always going to be a winner, with another 10 tracks of melodic punk rock / skatepunk – including a No Use cover! Unfortunately Cyber Tracks have let us down with it not being available for you guys to buy / stream on either Bandcamp or Spotify – so you’ll have to check it out here, which I unfortunately cant embed:

Obviously this list can only be so long, and I’ve probably missed a bunch but I also really enjoyed albums from NOFX, Brutal Youth, Ship Thieves, Ducking Punches, Rob Lynch, Nerf Herder, Ignite, Saosin, Friends With The Enemy, Carpenter, Mute and a load more!

I hope this list has inspired you to check out a few new bands and here’s hoping for more of the same in 2017!

Disconnect Disconnect’s 2016 Roundup

Well, it’s the end of another year – one which has been pretty crazy in many respects, with various political issues happening alongside seemingly the most celebrity deaths in recent memory. Luckily, to offset all that craziness, there were many great things to 2016, and one thing which I’ll always treasure – becoming a Dad for the first time. With my son arriving in April, the label has had to take a bit of a back seat whilst I got used to having to look after the little one, and money spent on putting out records and putting on shows instead went to buying all sorts of baby accessories, toys, nappies, milk and feeding an extra mouth in the house! That said, we were able to continue to work with some great bands this year – with four main releases, a couple of great shows and some more videos for the Disconnect Disconnect Sessions on our YouTube Channel.

We kicked off the year with the release of Thousand Oaks‘s – Monsters Begetting Monsters in January, which saw the guys from Italy skatepunk legends Jet Market back with a new band in fine form with an album of fourteen skatepunk / melodic hardcore hits.

MAWIIIn March we were part of the team putting together Might As Well Fest II at The Macbeth in London, which featured thirteen great bands over 2 (drink filled) days – much fun was had by all, and I can genuinely say that I really enjoyed all the bands and the overall vibe, so thanks to everyone who came out and the great acts who played: Rob Lynch, The Gospel Youth, The Lion And The Wolf, Crazy Arm, Giants, Darko, City Light Thief, Strange Planes, Cheap Meat, Myelin, Larrakia, The Burnt Tapes and KidBrother. We’re currently exploring options for the next Might As Well Fest, so any ideas on bands please chuck them our way via the details on our Facebook page:

Here’s one of my favourite photos from the day – I think this was taken pretty early in the day on the Saturday, but should give you an idea of the vibe of the weekend…
Might As Well Fest II Bar

In April, the world was blessed with the birth of punk rock’s newest star, Finley Allen! He’s already picked up the guitar so expect good things! Late in the month we released our newest compilation Fast Around The World, featuring 32 of our favourite fast punk rock and pop punk bands from all over the globe. The compilation is available for a free/donation download at the links below, so make sure to check it out and discover some new favourites!

Fast forward a few months, and in July Larrakia followed up their brilliant debut 3 track EP from last year with new EP Rantallion which solidified their place as one of the UK’s very best melodic skatepunk bands

In August, our good friends from down under, The Decline, came over for another UK tour, and having been lucky to catch them at an awesome show with A Wilhelm Scream in Kingston, alongside Kick The Crutches we hosted the London leg of their tour at a very sweaty and packed out Veg Bar in Brixton. There was brilliant support on the night from UK legends The Human Project, Edgarville and Triple Sundae, so thanks to all who came down and made it a great night.

Our final release of the year came in October and was a great one, with one of the UK’s best upcoming pop punk bands, These Minds and their second EP Pour Out. The limited edition vinyl record (in frosted clear and transparent red) was released alongside US pop punk label Common Ground Records, and saw the band land a number of great support slots and a UK tour alongside Catch Fire. The band will be on the road again in February with Weatherstate and Six Time Champion, so be sure to check out those dates.

Along with the releases, we had time to add a few more videos to the Disconnect Disconnect Sessions over on our YouTube channel, so head over there to see the newer videos from Larkhill, Years and Miles and Not Half Bad, whose records we are also now distributing in the UK:

Our final project of the year was the UK/European distribution of the brilliant new Fat Wreck Chords documentary, A Fat Wreck. If you haven’t checked this out yet, it comes highly recommended, and was highly anticipated, as we sold out of our initial allocation of DVDs. We’re expecting more sometime early 2017, so make sure to put your order in to avoid disappointment.

The end of the year has been busy planning for 2017 – with new releases in progress for a bunch of cool bands from throughout Europe Forever Unclean, For I Am and Fast Food Society, with plenty more in the works, so keep an eye on our various sites for more news on those.

As always, thank you very much to all of you who support what we do here at Disconnect Disconnect Records, and if you think you know anyone who might enjoy what we do, please share our links to ensure we can keep bringing you great punk rock records into the future!

Many thanks, and happy new year!

Disconnect Disconnect Records

Disconnect Disconnect Sessions – Not Half Bad ‘You’re Alright, You Know That, Kid’

Today we’re very happy to bring you a new video for the Disconnect Disconnect Sessions from Not Half Bad​ from Texas! Not Half Bad have been one of our favourite punk rock / folk punk bands of the last few years, and have been kind enough to perform an acoustic version of the track ‘You’re Alright, You Know That, Kid‘ from their recent split with Crab Legs​!

Alongside this video we also have some of their records for distribution in the UK (including all 4 variants of the split), so make sure you check this out and go and pick up their records!

A Fat Wreck

We’re really excited to be distributing the awesome new Fat Wreck Chords documentary A Fat Wreck here in the UK and Europe! If you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly a fan of Fat Wreck and the bands that have come out of the label, which makes this a bit of a must watch! We’re lucky to have the DVD and some limited shirt bundles available!

Pick up the DVD / shirt here:

and watch the trailer below:

Disconnect Disconnect Sessions – Years and Miles ‘Second Chance Truth’

Here at Disconnect Disconnect Records we have a big love for Italian punk rock, having done releases with Jet Market, Thousand Oaks and Years and Miles, who were kind enough to record a special acoustic version of ‘Second Chance Truth‘ off their Disconnect Disconnect debut ‘Luck In Life‘.

Check it out below and subscribe for more videos coming soon!

These Minds ‘Pour Out’ Out Now!

The new These Minds EP ‘Pour Out‘ is out now on all digital platforms plus 7″ vinyl, limited to 300 copies (150x ‘Reign in Blood’ Transparent Red and 150x ‘White Rabbit’ Frosted Clear).


You can pick up the EP at the following places:
Bigcartel (7″):

The band are also now on tour with Catch Fire throughout the UK, with full dates shown below or on our shows page.

These Minds Catch Fire Tour