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  • Drums Iri
  • Bass / Vocals Josu
  • Guitar Lolo
  • Guitar / Vocals Tejas


We are not the coolest guys in town, we don’t have any weird haircut, we don’t wear fancy clothes nor have any fan club (our friends to be considered). We are kind of normal people, just a band of friends that one day decided that they were to do what they liked (and still like) most: composing and playing songs the way we like it. So, please, don’t expect a fairy tale here.

Time has passed and we can say it treated us pretty well. After years of rehearsals, grabbing stuff from one place to another, listening to a lot of music, writing lyrics, meeting lots of good and bad people and spending lots of time and money on this awesome hobby, we released our first album, called “Vote For The Fake”, in the year 2007.

This album was recorded by Gorka Irastorza in Lezoti Studios and released by Eating Shit Records for the European Edition and by Three Tails Records taking care of the Japanese Edition.

It might be quite far from what we play nowadays, considering that we were pretty much younger when we wrote these songs. But in that precise time these songs represented us, so we keep liking them just for that reason. At the same time, there were some slogans that we’ve tried to follow during this time, and we consider that we have been able to do so.

Following the release of this first album, we had the chance to play some gigs with really good bands and meet new people and friends.

We kept playing concerts in many places, and had the chance to play with bands such as This Is A Standoff, Beerbong, Uncommonmen From Mars, Boom Boom Kid, No Children or Main Line 10 to name a few. After a time playing this album live, we started composing and playing new songs that were to be included in our second album.

With a bit of delay regarding its release, “Docet Umbra” finally saw light in 2010, this time with the support of Eating Shit Records and Discos Rayados for the Spanish and European release, Bells On Records for the Japanese Edition and the collaboration of some other labels. It was recorded by Iñigo Etxabe and mixed by Santi García of Ultramarinos Costa Brava Studios.

These new songs represented a step forward for us. This second album also gave us the chance to play many more concerts, including the Resurrection Festival. During this period, we have shared stage with bands like Pennywise, No Use For A Name, No Fun At All, MUTE, Forus, Enemy Alliance, Atlas Losing Grip, Less Than Jake, Guttermouth and many others.

However, in 2012, after having played in the band since its begining, the bass player Serch left the band. He was replaced by Josu (Thanks To Losers, Bisai).

Nowadays, after having spent several months in the composition and writing of songs, we are about to release our third album, “Tales From The Last Generation”. We really believe in this new album, and we are dying to release it in order to play the new songs live.

We might say that, even considering the very long time that we have spent playing, we are in our best moment, highly motivated, laughing together and enjoying the time of our lives. That’s what matters, perhaps.


No shows booked at the moment.