Discover A Fire

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  • Vocals / Guitar Matt Selfe
  • Guitar / Backing Vocals Robert Goodwin
  • Drums / Backing Vocals Nathan Hawdon
  • Bass / Vocals Jack French


Discover A Fire burst onto their local scene in 2018 before self-releasing their debut album “The Rest Is Mystery” in September 2019, seeing them gain national and international radio play and international distribution of the album, with the album gaining plaudits from various music zines across the road. Perhaps best put, Thoughts Words Action exclaimed of the band:

You would probably fail in your attempt to compare their music with some renowned skate punk groups, mainly because of their unique approach to the genre

Following these promising first steps, the band went back into the studio writing more songs for both their live show and forthcoming releases, with both put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the 2019 summer respite, the band were able to get back into the studio to record two of these new tracks, “A Calculated Risk” and “Reactions Speak Louder Than Words” showing a darker and perhaps more mature side to the band. This new release will be the prelude to a new full length to be recorded this year.


No shows booked at the moment.