Forever Unclean

Forever Unclean photo


  • Guitar / Vocals Lasse
  • Bass Troels
  • Drums Leo


Formed in early 2015 by the remains of Copenhagen skatepunk veterans Stars Burn Stripes after being a fun-in-between-tours-project for some months.
FU put out their first EP ‘Shreds’ on tape and minidisc via Incredible Noise Records (DE) and have been touring excessively across Europe ever since.


Date City Venue Country
Tour: Forever Unclean Greece Tour 2020 with Hoi-Poi
04/10/20 Thassaloniki Lula’s Room Greece
04/11/20 Volos Matsaggou Greece
04/12/20 Athens Bad Tooth Greece
04/13/20 Katerini Don Kihotis Greece
04/24/20 Manchester Manchester Punk Festival United Kingdom
w/ Belvedere, The Decline, The Flatliners, Shai Hulud + lots more!
06/13/20 Copenhagen Rahuset Denmark
w/ Stoj Snak, Columbian Neckties
07/24/20 Homersdorf KNRD Fest Germany