Hell’s Ditch

Hell’s Ditch photo


  • Vocals Nick
  • Guitar / Vocals Lee
  • Guitar / Vocals Dan
  • Bass Chris
  • Drums Jimmy


Born and raised in the cities of Liverpool, Lincoln and Wolverhampton, Hell’s Ditch are a British rock ‘n’ roll group with total heart and determination compounded by DIY punk ethics and a hardy knack for storytelling. Using their 3-minute riff-driven punk songs as their modus operandi, the band breathe to life tales of working-class fates, inner-city poverty, alienation, violence, oppression and unflinching resistance. All told through the lens of brutal, ragged, but often loveable characters.

Vocalist Nick Davis states, “I’m obsessed with these songs and this band. We push each other to write better music, create original ideas and wake up each day excited for what’s to come. It’s going to be so much fun to play shows again with this group of musicians”.

Their musical influences may be rooted deep in the melodic punk and hardcore scene’s which the members grew up inside, but with this new project they aim to broaden their horizons committing themselves to a bold and narrative driven style of songwriting.

Guitarist Lee Byrne adds, “Our intention was to create something beyond just a set of punk songs. We love songwriters like Shane MacGowan and Bruce Springsteen and want to draw people into a whole world of characters, with stories that mirror their own lives and that of generations gone by”.


No shows booked at the moment.