Phinius Gage

Phinius Gage photo


  • Vocals / Guitar Ade
  • Vocals / Bass Mike
  • Guitar Karlos
  • Drums Matt


Phinius Gage played over 500 shows in the UK and Europe during their existence, touring with bands including Streetlight Manifesto, Reuben, Ten Foot Pole, Flood of Red, [spunge], 4ft Fingers and RedLightsFlash. They released two albums on the now defunct Deck Cheese Records (home too to Sonic Boom Six, Vanilla Pod and Jesse James), “More Haste More Speed” (2003) and “The Feeling Something’s Wrong” (2005), before moving to German label Fond of Life (home to This Is A Standoff) for  2006’s “Brighton Rock”. This album saw the band’s only single, “Broken Wings”, which gained plays on MTV2 and other cable channels. The band’s final album was 2007’s “Seek Out Your Foes” came out on UK label Small Town Records (which released records by bands including While She Sleeps and Flood of Red).

The band broke up in 2008, but reformed in 2015 for reunion shows and to see what else comes.


No shows booked at the moment.