Rust Belt Lights

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Rust Belt Lights formed late in 2008 in Buffalo, NY playing fast, upbeat, melodic punk songs, positively coping with the impermanent nature of life and inevitable changes brought on by time.  “Religion & My Ex”, the sophomore follow-up to 2010’s “These Are the Good Old Days”, takes a much more dynamic approach to the band’s melodic sound and deals with the adversity of letting go of old emotions and ideals while still staying true to oneself.When asked what set this record apart to the bands previous work, guitarist Tom Mayer said “I think it’s just the pure emotion behind it.  I feel like it really comes through this time.   There was so much unexpected change going on in my life that I didn’t really see coming.  I was seeing and thinking about everything in a new perspective, which only fueled my desire to make music.  At an age where a lot of my friends had to put music on the backburner, I was the most passionate about it I had ever been.  I think that rubbed off on the other guys a little bit and helped us make something together that we could all be proud of.”



Date City Venue Country
06/08/22 Duffel Brakrock Ecofest Belgium
Brakrock w/ Mad Caddies, Belvedere, Strung Out etc
14/08/22 Tolmin Punk Rock Holiday Fest Slovenia
Time: 12:00am. w/ Venerea, The Rumjacks, F.O.D. and more

The Decline

Date City Venue Country
05/08/22 Paris Paris Punk Rock Summer France
Time: 12:00am. w/ Anti Flag, The Flatliners, Grade 2
06/08/22 Duffel Brakrock Ecofest Belgium
Brakrock w/ Descendents, The Bouncing Souls, A Wilhelm Scream etc


Date City Venue Country
08/07/22 Bolton Right To Roam United Kingdom
Time: 12:00am.