The Sewer Rats

The Sewer Rats photo


  • Vocals, Guitar Chris Gin
  • Bass, Backing Vocals Schorni Walker
  • Guitar, Backing Vocals Archi Appleyard
  • Drums Dom Aqua


Fusing 90s pop punk, 1950s aesthetic, and witty tongue-in-cheek humor, The Sewer Rats have been touring all over the globe ever since 2005 (over 450 shows under their belts so far), playing China, Japan, Europe and the US West and East Coast numerous times.

Their new album “Magic Summer“ was recorded at T.U.P Studios in Italy in summer 2018 and mixed by Andrew Berlin and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room.

Fast and energetic like a good session at your favorite skate spot, “Magic Summer“ offers a powerful mix of teenage humor & youthful melancholy, celebrating the 90s Pop-Punk / Skate-Punk sound the band members grew up on. An album that is both silly and serious, sweet and bitter, this musical time machine takes you back to a magical and innocent era of endless summers and punk rock mixtapes, when all your friends were still around (not just on Facebook and Instagram) and nobody cared about the next day. Part total Pop-Punk denial (“I Don’t Wanna Go To The Shrink No More“, “I Don’t Wanna Leave My Room No More“, “I’m Quitting My Job“) and part dreamy trip down memory lane (“Magic Summer“) the band’s new record is an anti-growing-up manifesto (“Rejuvenate“) and a nostalgic love letter to a subculture lifestyle (“Down For Life“). Also, finally there is a love song about Street Fighter II’s Chun-Li (“My Sweet Chun Li“). I mean, what else do you need, really?


No shows booked at the moment.