Winning Streak

Winning Streak photo


  • Vocals / Guitar Andrew Palmer
  • Guitar Michael Hall
  • Drums Sam Koehl
  • Bass Davey Knight
  • Guitar / Vocals Chris McGrath


Winning Streak is a fast, melodic skatepunk/rock band from Sugar Land, TX. The original members (Andrew Palmer, Michael Hall, Sam Koehl) first formed a garage band called “Illegal Operation” in the mid 2000’s. They played shows around the Houston area from 2004-2006, recorded two DIY albums, and received “Most Rocking Track Of The Week” on the old (before-it-was-Apple) peer review site in 2005.

Andrew stayed active in the punk scene through and eventually formed Escape Velocity with Aaron Garcia. After Escape Velocity switched to a live lineup, Andrew began writing songs and joined up with Mike and Sam again to form Winning Streak in 2018.

The debut album “Whichever Path You Take” was self-released in 2018 on CD and featured guest appearances by Dave Nassie (No Use For A Name), Mike Herrera (MxPx) and Chris McGrath (Much The Same).

During the writing for a second album, the band recruited Davey Knight (Family Meeting, Debt Cemetary, Gnarly Horse) to join on bass and backing vocals, and Chris McGrath (Much The Same) on backing vocals and guitar, to become a 5-piece. Winning Streak writes and records their music from 5 locations (currently UT, TX, TN, IL, and ON).


No shows booked at the moment.