Home Advantage

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  • Vocals Ross
  • Guitar Mills
  • Guitar Liam
  • Bass Mike
  • Drums Alex


Home Advantage were an emotionally driven melodic punk rock band from North London inspired by the artists and songs they all loved growing up back in the late 90s and early 00s when Vagrant, Drive-Thru and Victory were all the rage.

The band started jamming in the latter half of 2011 finding their sound, recording a demo at the end of the year, and playing their first show in March 2012, quickly making a tonne of great friends with pop punk bands from both sides of the Atlantic through numerous support slots and tour dates around the UK.

The bands sole official release ‘Cadet’ was recorded in the first quarter of 2013 and released July 2013 on Disconnect Disconnect Records. Band members have gone on to play in Pacer and Losing Sleep.


A Time To Stand

Date City Venue Country
10/06/22 Paderborn Wohlsein Germany


Date City Venue Country
06/08/22 Duffel Brakrock Ecofest Belgium
Brakrock w/ Mad Caddies, Belvedere, Strung Out etc
14/08/22 Tolmin Punk Rock Holiday Fest Slovenia
Time: 12:00am. w/ Venerea, The Rumjacks, F.O.D. and more


Date City Venue Country
02/07/22 Galicia Resurrection Fest Spain
w/ Raised Fist, Mastodon, Crossfaith etc

The Decline

Date City Venue Country
03/06/22 Perth Badlands Australia
Time: 12:00am. w/ Frenzal Rhomb
04/06/22 Bunbury Prince Australia
Time: 12:00am. w/ Frenzal Rhomb
05/08/22 Paris Paris Punk Rock Summer France
Time: 12:00am. w/ Anti Flag, The Flatliners, Grade 2
06/08/22 Duffel Brakrock Ecofest Belgium
Brakrock w/ Descendents, The Bouncing Souls, A Wilhelm Scream etc


Date City Venue Country
04/06/22 Bergen op Zoom Gebouw-T Netherlands
w/ I Against I & Appendix


Date City Venue Country
08/07/22 Bolton Right To Roam United Kingdom
Time: 12:00am.

Hell’s Ditch

Date City Venue Country
18/06/22 Bristol Booze Cruise Festival United Kingdom
Booze Cruise Festival

Party Boss

Date City Venue Country
02/07/22 Manchester Gulliver’s United Kingdom
Evil Hoof Picnic

Primetime Failure

Date City Venue Country
21/05/22 Warendorf iFan Musik-Festival Germany
w/ Guano Apes
24/06/22 Hamburg Booze Cruise Germany
w/ The Get Up Kids, Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Such Gold etc

Talk Show Host

Date City Venue Country
20/05/22 Montreal Pouzza Fest Canada
Time: 12:00am.