Harker release new video for ‘Nancy Downs’, announce Japan tour dates

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Brighton’s Harker have released a new video for the track ‘Nancy Downs‘ off their 2018 debut full length ‘No Discordance‘.

The band had this to say about the video:
This video is a throwback to the days of VHS – where the B movie ruled, and a trip to the rental store meant either finding a total gem or bomb. The footage is taken from ‘Mystics in Bali’ an 80s public domain Indonesian film we’ve been particularly obsessed with. Cut with scenes from the film, we’ve overlaid the lyrics on top with the best classic VHS font we could find. Enjoy horror fans.

They also said this of the track:
Sometimes you need to face your problems head on, the unfortunate reality of this is that some people will fill their time with diversions to avoid facing them. Spiritual faith & self help have played huge parts in the ones I know who have suffered the most – digging holes, and burying their heads.

You can check out the video below:

The band are kicking off 2019 with a tour of Japan, with the dates listed below:

22/03 Yokohama Studio Olive
23/03 Shimokitazawa ERA
24/03 Uguisudani Whats Up
25/03 Nagoya Studio 246

You can pick up the band’s latest album ‘No Discordance’ on limited clear vinyl from our webstore below: