New in on Distro – The Spacepimps, Survay Says! and more!

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet recently – I have recently bought a house and getting ready to get married in the summer, so I’ve taken a small break from the label to concentrate on that stuff for the time being. However, in the downtime between releases, I’ve taken the opportunity to get some more great bands involved for UK distribution.

Firstly, we have the pop-punk throwback kings The Spacepimps, whose recent album ‘Eternal Boy’ is perfect Drive-Thru era pop punk. If you grew up with bands like New Found Glory, Fenix TX and Home Grown, you’ll love these guys. Check out the video below and pick up the album here.

Secondly, we also have the new album from ska punkers Survay Says! The band are currently on tour with Reel Big Fish across the States and have a great sound somewhere between Less Than Jake and We Are The Union. Pick up the album here.

Lastly we also have a few copies of the great albums by Aussie skate punk bands Local Resident Failure and The Decline from our mates at Pee Records. These bands are seriously sick and both albums only £6, it’d be stupid to not pick these gems up from our store here.

We have also got a bunch of records from the No Idea Records distro, including the latest albums from PUP, Less Than Jake, Banner Pilot and Green Day‘s Warning LP. Check them out here.