Rebuke To Play Punk Rock Holiday 2014

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

RebukePRHRebuke is playing at Punk Rock Holiday 2014 in Tolmin, Slovenia!

The time and day is not set yet, and we need your help with this!

The festival offers the bands tickets to sell for a discounted price to fans and friends. This is by no means a pay-to-play deal but rather a way for an upcoming festival to collaborate with the artists for everyones benefit. Rebuke will not have to pay anything for tickets hey do not sell.

When buying your ticket from them you will however also help them get a better time slot on the festival schedule (more specifically: have them play later in the afternoon/night rather than early in the morning)

To make this deal even sweeter for you they’ve put together an awesome package. It includes:

• A discounted ticket to Punk Rock Holiday 2014 (€9.70 off the regular price). Ticket is valid for the whole 3 day festival and camping/parking.

• A copy of out latest EP “Camino Del Rey”. This is the second pressing and it includes 2 new songs!

• A nifty looking poster, signed by the band.

• 5 newly designed stickers.

Shipping is included in the price. So, in conclusion you’re getting a discounted festival ticket and the rest of the stuff for FREE. Does it get any better that this? No!

To order it go here:

(NOTE! Since their members are currently scattered across Europe they won’t be able to sign the posters, and therefore not ship the orders, until the beginning of December)