The Best of 2012

Friday, January 4th, 2013

As another year has been and gone (and the world didnt end), I asked all the bands we worked with this past year to put together a little list of their favourite releases of 2012, so hopefully some of our fans can get an idea of what our bands are listening to, and maybe pick up a few new bands to check out. I love going through these lists and checking stuff out, so hopefully some of you do too.

Best of 2012 – John (Disconnect Disconnect)

This was really tough for me, as we’ve had a LOT of great releases over a bunch of different genres. However, I’ve just about managed to come up with 10 which I think are the ones I most consistently listen to. In no particular order:

AnchorsLost At The Bottom Of The World
Quickly becoming one of the best skatepunk bands in the world, these Aussie’s 2nd album is fast techy skate punk at it’s best.

Cheap GirlsGiant Orange
I hadnt previously got that into Cheap Girls, but having had this over for review, fell in love with their great 90’s college rock influenced punk, and realised what a great songwriting band they are.

The Gaslight AnthemHandwritten
Handwritten shows that with their ever growing popularity, Gaslight still write great tunes, with singalongs all the way.

Our Time Down Here Midnight Mass
Continuing their evolution, Our Time Down Here’s second album Midnight Mass had a great mix of melodic punk rock with their hardcore roots. One of the UK’s finest.

Further Seems ForeverPenny Black
First album back with original singer Chris (Dashboard) Carrabba, it’s not up to the levels of the classic The Moon Is Down, but still one of the top emo / rock releases of the year.

Watch CommanderClock and Compass
One of the most promising UK punk bands released their great debut full length in the summer, one that definitely deserves to be heard, and led me to want to do a release with them.

LutherLet’s Get You Somewhere Else
The anticipated debut album by Philadelphia’s Luther picks up where Siblings and Sevens left off with a full album of great melodic punk songs.

No TriggerTycoon
Maybe not quite as good as the awesome Canyoneer, but it’s great to have more tunes from one of the best melodic hardcore bands around.

Such GoldMisadventures
Perhaps the most anticipated debut album of the year, Such Gold perfectly blended pop punk with melodic hardcore to release a banger in Misadventures.

Versus The WorldDrink. Sing. Live. Love.
The long awaited second album from these guys, now featuring Chris Flippin from Lagwagon, is 13 great energetic tracks pushing towards both melodic pop punk and harder hitting punk rock.

Best of 2012 – Rebuke

10) Death By StereoBlack Sheep of the American Dream
If not a return to form, then at least a huge step in the right direction, proving they are actually still a good band.

9) Cattle DecapitationMonolith of Inhumanity
Brutally, misanthropically, crushingly vegan; picking up where “The Harvest Floor” left of by actually writing songs, and then playing them faster than humanly possible.

8) LiponaNetworks
Emotionally frail enough to speak to the 14-year old in me, yet fast enough to speak to the 14-year old in me. Nah, but this is good shit.

7) PropagandhiFailed States
Funny how expectations work. Undeniably a fucking beast of a record, yet I’d never imagine any new Propagandhi wouldn’t be an instant #1. Oh well.

6) Between the Buried and MeThe Parallax II: Future Sequence
For a band who achieved perfection in 2005, they sure do keep almost-topping themselves.

5) NOFX Self-Entitled
A collection of songs, some good and some not as. Funny how expectations work, this turned out to be likable.

4) Circle Takes the SquareDecompositions, Volume II, Chapter 2
This is released tomorrow. I haven’t heard it. This placement is based solely on assumption, but I dare you to prove me wrong.

3) DarkoFrom Trust to Conformity
Oh hey, there’s that awesome A Wilhelm Scream 10″ I have been waiting for all my life! Best band.

2) No TriggerTycoon
I don’t care what you say or how you’ve misconceived it – this is both faster, harder and – dare I say – catchier than “Canyoneer”. Not necessarily better but fucking good.

1) AnchorsLost at the Bottom of the World
This is just so good.

Best of 2012 – Tony (Stickup Kid)

10. ConvergeAll We Love We Leave Behind

9. Kendrick LamarGood Kid, MAAD City

8. No TriggerTycoon

7. The MenzingersOn the Impossible Past

6. PropagandhiFailed States

5. Heart to HeartS/T

4. Now, NowThreads

3. Title FightFloral Green

2. The Shins Point Of Morrow

1. The Early NovemberIn Currents

Best of 2012 – Yamil (Lipona)

In no particular order:

PropagandhiFailed States

No Trigger Tycoon

Such Gold Misadventures

Title Fight Floral Green

Cloud NothingsAttack on Memory

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

The Gaslight AnthemHandwritten

Hot Water MusicExister

Frank OceanChannel Orange

DikembeBroad Shoulders

Best of 2012 – Si (Watch Commander)

Album of the year – PropagandhiFailed States

UK punk from 2012 worth checking out:

Above Them

Apologies, I Have None

Our Time Down Here


As We Sink