Thousand Oaks “Hell Is Empty” Out Now!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

The awesome new EP “Hell Is Empty” from our favourite Italian shredders Thousand Oaks is out now! The EP features six new great tracks, featuring (in our opinion!) both their catchiest and heaviest tracks to date. We are releasing this on a limited digipak CD, and also stocking three variants of vinyl from our friends at Mudcake Records. Check out the EP below and be ready to have your socks blown off!

Pick up the EP from our stores below:

We also have some copies of the excellent covers album “Blown Covers” by front man Alex Gavazzi, which every skatepunk fan should own! Awesome covers of all your favourites including NOFX, Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out, BigWig and loads more!